Tariff For Day Visitors ( 8 am to 5 pm)

  • Rs.2500 per day up to 10 persons
  • Rs. 5000 - per day for up to 25 persons . This allows you access to the entire grounds,
  • the lounge, the cutlery / crockery, RO purified drinking water and 2 bedrooms to rest with the attached washroom.
  • Rs. 7500 – per day for 25 to 50 persons. Same as above but with three rooms with the attached washrooms.
  • Children over 6 years will be counted as one and a maximum of 50 persons will be allowed in a day.
  • Use of our plates (thalis) and glasses is included in the tariff but does not include the use of the kitchen or cooking utensils.
  • Chulhas (mud stove) are available for use in the aangan. Firewood for it will be charged extra.

Tariff For Overnight Stay

  • 1. Room rent – Rs. 2500 per double room per night
  • 2. Tariff for all 3 rooms – Rs. 6000 per night
  • 3. Extra person – Rs.600 per person (Limited to max 2 extra people per room)
  • 4. Extra tent (two sleeper) – Rs. 750 per tent per night.

    Boarding Rates – Highly recommended for those who wish to try our local fare.

    • Tea – Rs.15 per cup
    • Breakfast – Rs. 100 per head – Eggs, paratas, sabji and tea /coffee.
    • Lunch / Dinner – Veg - includes one dal, two sabjis (one dry, one gravy), rice and roti – Rs.200 per head.
    • Non-veg – Includes a choice of fish or chicken, one vegetable, dal, rice and roti – Rs.250 per head.
    • All the vegetables and grains are from the produce of the Lonikot and is pesticide free.
    • Children above 10 years will be counted as one for food.

      Lonikot is also set up with the purpose of improving the lives of the residents of the Loni paar village. With this in mind we have used only local artisans and workers to restore the 450 year old building.
      The funds received from visitors go not only towards developing this green zone, but also towards providing employment to the residents of this village and improving the quality of their life.

  • 5. And if you’re the sort that asks not what Lonikot can do for you, but what you can do for Lonikot, the possibilities are endless. A hitherto neglected part of the district, the villagers lack employment (we’re changing that with our venture) and the children could do with a range of meaningful health and education initiatives at the grass root level. We encourage teachers, health workers and those interested in farming to contact us at lonikotretreat@gmail.com. Food, accommodation and transport will be provided.