The Place

Lonikot is the perfect destination for families that wish to enjoy quality time either in terms of a picnic, or a weekend getaway, in the lap of nature and most importantly in a safe environment. Less than 55 kms from Allahabad on the Rewa road, Loni par is a small fishing village that was once ruled by the Raja of Devra and the jewel in his crown is Lonikot, the dowager house.

Built high up on a tila (a mound), Lonikot is mistress of all she surveys. And that includes about an 10-acre farm, and stunning views of the Tamas (Ton) river on one side and the Loni river on the other. With over 25 different species of birds and a variety of butterflies making this their home, it is a nature lover's dream come true. Be it a family holiday or a company offsite, Lonikot is your one stop pleasure destination.