The original Devra fort, was built in the 1500s and Lonikot followed 150 years later. It was built by the Raja for his widowed sister who loved looking out at the river from her vantage point. Unoccupied for over 350 years after her death, it lay in complete ruin until now. The kothi is restored with just one of the original walls which was standing.

The current Raja Birendra Pratap Singh’s brother Lal Devendra Pratap Singh (both, sons of Late Yagyakar Singh ) live in Loni Par, watching over the Kothi and his people, as they have for generations.

There is also a 16th C Shiva temple on the land that has fallen to ruin and will soon be renovated to host meditators. Lonikot however, is in no need of a meditation centre. A moment by the river, the gentle breeze, the chirping of birds, as they fly home to nest, gives you all the zen your mind needs.