Places of interest
Deor Kothar: 25 kms from Lonikot - Known for its Budhist Stupas credited to the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka  - discovered in 1982
Ramnagar:The Chandellas were rulers of the region called Jejakabhukti (modern day Bundelkhand) between the 9th and 13th centuries. Projecting themselves from their bases in Kalinjar and Mahoba, they ruled a large chunk of the country. The temple at Ramnagar is an ASI-protected site and an example of early Chandella architecture. The temple is largely ruined but the size, grandeur and extent of the stone remains in the enclosed area point to a very large shrine which would have been more than a mere village temple. Near the temple is a pond, which would perhaps have been the temple tank.
Garwah Fort:  18 kms from Lonikot - A Gupta period temple complex - probably one of the oldest remains of the Gupta period dating back to the 5th century. The prized possession is a figure representing all 10 Avatars of Lord Vishnu.
Bhita: This is an ancient site of very high interest to archaeologists. The first scholar to explore the site, in 1872, was the legendary Alexander Cunningham. John Marshall began excavations afresh in 1909-11. Historians speak of the site as being a city of prominence in the reign of Skandagupta (reign 455-467 AD) while others date it back to Mauryan times. Today, one sees extensive brick work and long fortified walls amidst thick vegetation.